Monday, 4 March 2013

Rosario De Marco, Jem Savage, and Ken Vatcher – Momentum

On New Year’s Day 2013, we launched ‘Jambudvipa’, a composition by then newly anointed PBGB Family Member Rosario De Marco. We had in fact recorded two songs by Rosario in late December. We held back on the second song, ‘Momentum’, because we thought it would make a great basis for some tasty overdubs.

Momentum is finished now, and you can listen to it by clicking HERE, or by seeking it out in the Rosario De Marco Project on the right of your screen , or by clicking on the title in the PBGB JukeBox.  Enjoy !!

After Rosario had recorded the acoustic guitar track we drew breath. We liked what we heard, and thought we'd like to involve other  PBGB Family Members in our rendition of Rosario’s beautiful piece.

Jem Savage happened to be holidaying at Pambula Beach at the time, so we asked him if he would like to add a little something.  Jem was up for it, dropped by with his Sax, and behold, there was Soprano !!

Then we decided that some Percussion would add a little 'je ne sais qua'. Brother Ken gave it some deep thought, then turned up at The Shed with an array of Percussion instruments, ready to add some of that special Vatcher magic. As is usual, Ken got it just right. Spot on thank you Ken !

Momentum was sounding great. Rosario (we think) then suggested adding the sounds of the ocean as an “integral  instrument”. Neil sprinkled in some Porter production potion, and there it was!  Momentum !!

We hope you enjoy what might be said to be The Shed’s first  steps into the realm of World Music.

We are eternally grateful to have musicians the calibre of Rosario, Ken and Jem working with us on PBGB projects – many thanks for your inspiring work guys.

Special tip of the hat to Neil Porter for all the production work. 

Great work team. Let’s do some more !!!

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