Friday, 10 May 2013

Gus gets Busted

We recently completed a very quirky version of Gus’ song ‘Busted’.

It has been a while in the making. In fact Busted is a fairly ‘old’ song of Gus’s -  it came as somewhat of a surprise to realise that we don’t seem to have ever posted a version of it on the PBGB Blog. But no matter, here it is.

Busted is a typical Gus song. Just take a listen to the lyrics, and to Gus’ growly vocals, and you’ll agree that only Gus could have come up with this.

This version features Gus on Vocals and Guitar, Neil on Guitar, Pete on Drums, and Ken on Backing Vocals and Congas.

It also features Raymond on Bass and Backing Vocals. Raymond also did all the production work.

On keyboards is special guest Charles Pedder . Charles is a friend of PBGB Family Member Bill Cairncross. Charles was holidaying in Merimbula, and Bill brought him over to The Shed one day while we happened to be working on Busted. Charles sat down with Fhrodo, our mighty  Fender Rhodes piano, and started tinkling away. We liked what we heard.

As is our custom, people who feature on a PBGB recording or video are inducted into the PBGB Family, so.............welcome to the PBGB Family Charles !!!

We waited a while for Gus to feel in the right mood to lay down his Vocal line, then we added the Backing Vocals and the Congas and...............Voila !   Gus gets Busted !!

Nice one Gus !

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