Friday, 17 February 2017


Couple of weeks back we played back some early PBGB recordings while packing up apres Sesh.   

Neil's song ' Under The Southern Cross' popped up. It must have been five years since we last heard it. Neil's ears pricked up. We thought it sounded pretty smart. We chatted............... realised we had never posted it on the PBGB blog.

'Why not ?' we wondered. Buggered if we knew.

"Well let's do it" .

So Neil dug the Logic files up and had a bit of a fiddle. Added a dash of this and dab of that. Fine-tuned the mix as it were.

THIS  is how it came out.

We recorded it back in 2011.

Neil wrote the song in response to the then recent Severe Tropical Cyclone Yasi  which seriously lashed the coast of Queensland. It also drove some beautiful lines of swell down to Pambula.  Good for us, not so good for Queensland !

Back then, Neil, Chris Ralfs (once aptly described by Jenny Halper as ' the Grizzled Bass Warrior' )  and Pete jammed regularly as a threesome in The Shed. 

So that's Neil singing and playing guitar and some keyboard overlays, Chris on bass, and Pete on drums.

Still not sure why we didn't post it back then !

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