Wednesday, 1 March 2017


Tony Green has been Shedding for the best part of a year now. He and wife Chris retired from Canberra to Tura. Tony's alter life in Canberra included years playing gigs around the pubs and clubs of the Nation's capital.

Tony got wind of what goes on in The PBGB Shed. He got in touch. We invited him down. He enjoyed himself, we liked him, he  handled his bass with aplomb. We were pleased to note Tony's interest in harmonies, and his desire to learn about recording and all felt good, so we invited him to come on board.

Tony was stoked to note our focus on original the Canberra club scene originals are about as welcome as a strong dose of a something nasty. But Tony had a batch of original songs in his kit bag and before long he wheeled out 'First Class Ticket'. 

FIRST CLASS TICKET is the first of Tony's originals to grace the PBGB Blog. Tony wrote the song, sang it and played the bass............ then dove headlong into the production. He set himself up with Logic software and set about unravelling the mysteries of mixing /  production.

The black arts of mixing and production are enough to make anybody tear their hair out. Desperate L Platers seek out whatever help they can get, from any quarter.

Tony found a helper in Merimbula local Eden Hendry. Eden uses Logic as a tool for producing electronic music. He's keen to make a career out of mixing and production but hadn't had the opportunity to mix 'live' recordings. So he was happy to dive into the First Class Ticket audio files with Tony. He enjoyed that, and now he plans to check out The Shed, and we are looking forward to meeting him.............who knows what might happen.

First Class Ticket is Tony's first PBGB 'production'. It's a great start Tony, well done sir ! You're off and running, and bound to get betterer and betterer at it.

As for the song, Tony explains.............

"First Class Ticket is a song about what we don't know about death. What happens to us ?

If we believe in God, and heaven and hell, then we will presumably be predisposed to practice good deeds.

But none of us is perfect.......we have all made mistakes.

So if I'm going to hell I want to go in style, and take my time getting there. But if I'm going to heaven then I'm cool, I'll take any seat on offer."

Sounds fair to us !!

Joining Tony on First Class Ticket are.............

Steve Faggotter on Lead and Electric Rhythm Guitar
Lou Nadin on Acoustic Guitar    
Mick Nadin on Harmonica and Harmony Vocals
Kerry Hynes on Harmony Vocals
Graham Brown on Percussion, and
Pete on Drums

Eden Hendry showed Tony some stuff about Logic.

Nice one team !

Well done Tony.............a splendid first attempt !!!

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