Monday, 21 August 2017


Graham's been lurking in The Shed since mid 2016. He fronts up to most every Sesh. He brings a big smile, and loads of enthusiasm............a very popular Shedder indeed. Graham is the first dedicated percussionist to have joined the PBGB Family. That offers us opportunities to learn from his training in percussion, and to suss out percussion as a key component of our music.  Fine by us Graham..............bring it on !!

Slowly but surely Graham has claimed a corner of The Shed. He's got a myriad of percussion gear............congas, bongos, tambourines, whistles, cowbells, name it ! Throw in microphones and leads. He's over there somewhere !

Graham has his percussive touch on nine of our songs now, with writer's credits for three. See Graham's 'Musician's Page' for a rundown.

But Bar Beach Groove is the first song entirely conceived and directed by Graham. He has taken the decisions about the basic feel, the tempo, the arrangement, the lyrics, and the choice of instruments. This is his concept from beginning to end.

The song is of course an ode to Merimbula's Bar Beach. Let's face it, Bar Beach is an inspiration. Anybody who has loitered around the Bar Beach Kiosk drinking coffee or partaking of their fab foodstuffs while admiring the stunning view knows that. Not to mention surfers who have tackled waves at The Bar on a good day...........The Bar can turn on a brilliant wave, make no mistake about that !!

Bar Beach Groove is a studio, rather than live production. It has been built up in layers, with Neil manning the recording desk and piecing it all together.

The recipe started with a basic clave feel on the kick drum. Then the layers started...................a modicum of melody, a brace of bass, a pinch of piano, a dash of drums, a garnish of guitar, a few party vocals, and of course platefuls of percussion, including guiro, clave sticks, bells and congas. And, in what we think might be a first, Bar Beach Groove features harp on a predominantly percussion piece.

Anyway, THIS is what we eventually dished up.  

It's been loads of fun, and most everybody who happened to be in The Shed at the time got to throw something into the mix. A real PBGB Shed production.

Thanks for the fun and games Graham.............let's have another one !!

Tossing ingredients into the Bar Beach Groove are..................

Graham Brown - Writer, and a Plethora of Percussion
Neil Porter - Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards, Production
Ken Vatcher - Drums
Mick Nadin - Harp
Dawson Graham, Mick, Pete and Graham - Party Vocals

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