Tuesday, 8 August 2017


Jock and Dawson
It's been our privilege to play music with Dawson for a couple of years now. He always arrives with a big smile, a swag of swingin' original tunes, and a totally humble, down to earth demeanour. He's great !

And we've been blessed to have Jock sing with us for the best part of a year now

Dawson is always happy to share his talents, and it was immediately clear how well Jock and Dawson sound when they sing together.

Back in June 2017, we posted Tony Green's 'You And the Blues', which represented Jock's debut on the PBGB Blog........singing Backing Vocals.

But now we are stoked to feature Jock in full flight, singing duet with Dawson, on his great song 'It Ain't Right'.

Click HERE to have a listen. 

Jock's debut on lead vocals has been a long time coming, but we hope you agree it has been worth the wait. It's a great song, and we reckon Dawson and Jock sound fantastic together. Well done team !!

Dawson explains the song.......................

"'It Ain't Right' was written to feature Jock.

Basically, it portrays a conversation between a gambler and his wife.
He's out running around and gambling most nights. All his wife wants is for him to stay home at night, and be with her.
So after many lonesome nights, she decides to go home to Mama.
When he gets home and his wife is not there. He laments 'It Ain't Right, somethin's gone wrong'.
He ends up crawling to his wife, trying to get her home, making promises.
So his wife lays down a few rules of her own.
Again he groans............'It Ain't Right' "

All we know is it was great fun to play, and we're very pleased to give Jock a chance to belt out some down home Shed blues.  And she sure dun did that !!

Great result team !!

Getting down and dirty on It Ain't Right are...........

Dawson Graham - Writer, Vocals, Resonator Guitar
Jock Logus - Vocals
Mick Nadin - Harp
Steve Faggotter - Rhythm Guitar
Tony Green - Bass
Pete - Drums

'It Ain't Right'   -  Produced by Neil Porter

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