Thursday, 22 February 2018


Mick Nadin is proving to be a prolific songwriter. Seems like every time we wonder what to do next Mick has a swag of lyrics in his kit bag.

Not so long ago Chris Ralfs was hangin' in The Shed fidgeting about with a bass riff. Mick latched onto it and reckoned it would fit nicely under a set of lyrics he was working on. Well we started grooving on it, set up a feel, and away we went. Mick turned on his 'phone recorder.

A week or so later we cut a demo on the Shed recording set-up.  Mick took that home to ponder. He reckoned the demo didn't have the punch that the 'phone recording had, so we went back to tors and toughened up the groove.

Mick liked that a whole lot better. We all did. So, with the new grittier groove agreed, we got serious.

Chris the grizzled bass warrior
We recorded a pass or two, chose the one we liked best. Chris, occupying the PBGB Producer's seat for the first time, took it home and sent out a rough mix for comment. Everybody seemed to agree that the song had recaptured it's mojo.

After a round of re-jigging, a dash of dubbing, and a smattering of smarm,  Chris sent THIS down for another critique. Well we all liked it and ticked it off. We hope you dig it too.

We're really chuffed that Chris is cool about producing songs for us. He's certainly got the skills. Plus, he favours the same Logic software as Neil. We use logic in The Shed as well, so that makes life nice and easy. Chris has a different style to Neil, so hopefully we can fit song styles to production styles. Anyway, we now have two producers, which is brilliant !!  More please Chris.

'Leavin' It All To The Dog' is another nasty little nugget from Mick's pen. Pure fiction of course, but basically a tale of a dude who reckons that the wipe just ain't cuttin' the mustard. So he's kicked her out of the cot and figures he'll be leavin' his stash to the dog. Cop that !!

Mick Nadin wrote it, sang it and blew the Harp
Chris Ralfs came up with the riff, played Bass and Produced
Manny Aigner played the Lead Guitar
Neil Porter played the Rhythm Guitar
Graham Brown played Percussion
Pete played the Drums

So there !!

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