Wednesday, 14 March 2018


We of the PBGB Shed have had the great pleasure of Nathan Lygon's occasional company for a while now.

Nathan is a Yuin man.  Born right here in our much missed Pambula Hospital. Nathan started school at Pambula Primary, where, in year 5 he started messing with a didgeridoo. Been at it ever since. He finished year 12 at Eden High. Given all that, Nathan could just qualify as a local !   

Nathan, we have come to learn, is a tireless contributor to 'good things'. We first came across him performing at the Jigamy Farm 'Grow The Music' workshop. Grow the Music is an Australia wide youth oriented program which aims to improve the health and well-being of Indigenous communities  through workshops focussed on music and performing arts. So there was Nathan, down at Jigamy,  performing traditional dances with the little kids.............brilliant !!  In fact Nathan will soon be repeating that performance at a Social Justice Advocates of the Sapphire Coast 'Day at the Beach' for a busload of refugees who have recently arrived in Australia.  See what we mean about doing good ?  More power to you Nathan !!

Anyway, Nathan drops into The Shed every now and then, with his didgeridoo and a smile. He plonks hisself down and starts blowing.

Nobody in The Shed had ever worked with a didge player before, so we set about figuring what we could do to  best compliment what Nathan was playing. An excellent musical challenge !

Mother Of Eternity is the fifth PBGB song that Graham Brown has written lyrics for. Check out Graham's 'Musos Page' to track down the others. On this occasion Graham came up with the title, then went on to pen lyrics that he thought reflected the spirit of what we were trying to achieve in working with Nathan. Nathan approved, and that was just fine by us. Once Graham had polished up the lyrics, he asked Mick if he might sing it. Mick was happy to do so and did a fine job. Nice bit of teamwork there. The rest of us set about trying to place the didge in an appropriate musical context.

THIS is what we ended up with.  How'd we go ??

Nathan was right at home............blew his part brilliantly every run through, without batting an eyelid.

The rest of us tried our darndest to play stuff that complemented the didge and the mood of the song. Nathan is  pretty happy with the result, so, hey, what works for Nathan works for us.

Welcome to The PBGB Shed Nathan !!!

Mick Nadin sang
Nathan Lygon blew the Didgeridoo
Manny Aigner played the Guitar
Louise Nadin played Bass
Graham Brown wrote the lyrics and played Percussion
Pete drummed
Neil Porter did the Production work.

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